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Installing vsftpd with ubuntu 17.04

Have you come up to a situation that you need FTP on your server? Well, its easy.

First thing we have to do is install the vsftpd on your server by using this command:

After we install the ftp application, we have to configure it so it will work as expected. Lets open the vsftpd configuration file by using this command: (You can use any cli editor that you like)

We will need to uncomment some lines, Find the following lines below and uncommen it:

After you have uncommented those lines, we will need to add some important configuration at the end of the file:

After adding those lines, we will need to add our user to the chroot_list.

Add the user 1 per line.

After adding, save it and we will restart our vsftpd service.


Thats it!

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